The Gazuki ' Hall of Fame '!


Seth Lakeman approves!

Devereaux 'Fats' Vandyke- Banff

(the 1st GZ6 & cool hat)

Stian Mangseth

The only Gazuki in Norway (so far)

Graham Leutchford GZ3

Darren Lynch - man with a website too!


Rob Ellis, Alan Burton & Marick Baxter

Devereaux 'Fats' Vandyke



Malcolm Peacock

Paul Curran


Sam Skey

Andy Sugden 'Sugwash'



Rab Thomson (Left)


Steve Hunt - Dalla

A Pint of 'Spingo'

(oops, wrong 'Hall of fame')


Atilla the Stockbroker

Alice O'Keefe



Davey Malone aka 'Hobo Jones'

  Davey Malone & Rosie at 'Beautiful Days' 2009

Martin Carey

Dieter Skambraks of the band 'Wingerts' in Germany

2 good clips of the Gazuki

being played here at

A gaggle of Gazukis

Steve, Fleur, Nick, Keven, Anita & Terry

at Bude&Stratton Folk Festival

Paddy Danagher


Roger from Hobgoblin Wadebridge