The Gazuki - Customers comments..........


I have been playing it for a couple of hours and it is all that I hoped it would be.

Andy Brewer - Tasmania




" I have an obsession with bouzoukis, play instruments made by Joe Foley of Dublin. To me the best money can buy. Over the years played a number of eastern mandos and zouks for fun and this is by far the best and doesn't it go some when plugged in ! I'm very impressed with the intonation up the neck that's where most cheaper bouzoukis lose it. Not this baby! Not a bad set up at all for the money.   Not custom built perhaps, but never the less an excellent instrument. Would recommend  to experienced and novice players alike. No need to wait 2 years for a hand built instrument. A winning design.   Thanks a Million "

From Rob Smith Birmingham



"It is fantastic, John is really enjoying playing the Gazuki, I crept down in the dead of night (3am) to find him playing it as gently as he could.

Thanks for your great service and a really good product"


Sally Tams for John Tams ( yes the John Tams!)




"The instrument is of a very high standard, and I'm very impressed. I've played other hand made bouzouki-guitars (that had a huge price tag) and this one would give them a run for their money any day. It will get a lot of playing and should even improve with the years as it matures."

Darren Lynch - Dublin



Holds its own very well against other more expensive bouzoukis. The finish is first class, although I would love to see a less high gloss model too! Sound and intonation are fine, got good feedback from the audience.

Rob Ellis Bristol



"Theres a problem, I can't put it down"

Steve Hunt, of 'Dalla'